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First Class Chimney Services is dedicated to supplying quality professional chimney services. Whether you are in need of inspection, chimney sweep, a chimney reconstruct, gas fireplace inserts or chimney liner, you'll be able to really feel assured that the chimney will likely be serviced with a professional chimney contractor in Ellicott City, MD.

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Whether it's woodstoves or fireplaces, we realize the particulars of the chimney methods in your house. Whilst the standard chimney solutions on your home; washing, inspections and fixes, have stayed the identical over time, the way in which we do these specific things have altered with additional engineering and education.

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At First Class Chimney Services, we offer a number of methodical chimney inspection services in Ellicott City, Maryland to enhance your chimney efficiency and performance. We look for any problems that could prevent peak operation and recommend what's needed for the system to burn and safer. Our chimney inspections can allow you to prevent water penetration and chimney flows into your home, chimney damage, and energy waste.

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Ellicott City chimney relining company

You'll find various reasons you might need to reline your chimney. Your current chimney lining could not be new and deteriorating, new fireplace might bring a demand for a resized flue; or your home might have a chimney without a lining whatsoever. Chimney linings are vital to the safe and efficient operation of your fireplace. Our chimney relining service in Ellicott City, MD includes a new stainless steel chimney liner system, that will safeguard you and your loved ones from carbon monoxide that is dangerous.

Chimney flow repair Ellicott City

Water can get into your chimney in a variety of manners, from the crown to the chimney flashing. And leaks can lead to erosion and rust. Damaged flashing can enable water to leak in and critically damage your chimney. Your chimney is consistently exposed to outside elements, so using a water repellent is vital to prevent repairs and more costly masonry reconstruction. The flashing protects your chimney where it and roof line meet.

The masonry in your chimney is exposed to wind, snow and rain, and over time concrete can start chipping and flaking and it's crucial to fix it. If your chimney is showing the signals of mortar joints or faulty bricks, then it need repointing or tuckpointing, which our chimney contractors Ellicott City can do the repairs you want. Our chimney repair services include spot cutting, chimney rebuilding, masonry repairs, chimney flashing repair, and more.

Ellicott City chimney crown Repairs

We are Certified Chimney Brush and use state-of the art gear to examine and brush chimneys of most kinds. We try to find any issues that might stop maximum effectiveness and propose what is required for one's body to burn easily and properly. Our Qualified Chimney Sweeps have attained their credential bypassing an intensive exam based on fire limitations, clearances and specifications for that development and preservation of fireplaces and ventilation systems.

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Dripping fireplaces are also something we consider very seriously. Calling a roofing company can spend time and rarely do they realize the composition of the chimney appliance and we eventually become called out to repair the problem. This is the reason we motivate you to call us and let's execute a detailed examination of the appliance to make sure the water is not from the blinking around your chimney.