How frequently do you check if your chimney is in good form? Your fireplace could prove to be hazardous - as the problems can be concealed from your view. You need to safeguard against blockages, smoke leaks, improper ventilation, inadequate draw, build-up of tar, etc. First Class Chimney Services, LLC will assist with the chimney restoration in addition to installing a new chimney for your house. We are Maryland's chimney specialists who have the license and experience to make all types of chimney. Our service is committed to serving all your chimney requirements and ensure your family's wellbeing.

If your fireplace reeks during the summer or if it is producing a lot of smoke while in use or cracks or faults are developing, then get in touch with us. A modern, sealed sweep will ensure that your flue is safe and clear from critters' nests, build-up of soot and other kinds of debris that could have possibly dropped down from the chimney. Just like a dislodged roof tile, a chimney lining can also worsen, thus revealing mortar joints and brickwork to decomposition and, finally, collapsing. So, your house could be at risk, especially if it is an old house.

Our services are priced reasonably even though we use best quality products. Our technicians are up to date on National Fire Protection Association Standard (NFPA) 211, I-Codes and are experienced to handle any queries and problems related to chimney services. According to NFPA, the chimney should be inspected every year, cleaned and repaired whenever required. Creosote deposits should be removed periodically to avoid a dangerous chimney fire. Regular inspections will ensure that your chimney is ready to be used, and there are no critter issues. If it is about fireplace flue, utility flue or a dryer vent, we understand the complexity of venting systems. We do all kinds of chimney inspections, from the basic to wide-ranging examinations of fireplaces, wood stoves, chimneys, and flues.

Our Services

  • Chimney Cap Installation
  • Chimney Lock Top installation
  • Chimney Waterproofing
  • Chimney Flashing Installation
  • Chimney Flue Installation
  • Chimney Insulation Installation
  • Chimney Liner Installation
  • Chimney Pipe Installation
  • Damper Installation
  • Fireplace Installation
  • Chimney Installation (all fuels)
  • Masonry Wall & Floor Protection
  • Metal Chimney Installation
  • Prefab Fireplace Installation
  • Prefabricated Fireplace Installation
  • Wood Burning Fireplace Installation
  • Wood Stove Installation

Why hire us?

At First Class Chimney Services, LLC we design chimneys using brick, block or stone depending on your preference. We have installed and sustained a range of chimney liners. If you have a high-performance appliance, we recommend stainless steel liners for better performance, easy to clean and maintain chimneys.

Licensed and insured, our company maintains membership in National Chimney Sweep Guild. True to our tagline, in these 10 years, we have serviced thousands of customers throughout Maryland, ensuring the safety of the families every year. We work hard to earn 100% customer satisfaction as we strive hard to meet our customers' expectations and thus, get more business. Our business is from our repeated customers and referrals that we have established over the last 10 years. We will be more than helpful to connect our new clients with our old customers. In case you are dissatisfied with our work, we will be glad to send our team again and deal with the problem. Our services have been a sweep of life for many customers and can be yours too.

Whether you need to inspect chimneys while purchasing or selling your home or want to make sure that your chimney is functioning appropriately, you can call us for cost-effective, consistent, sociable, and well-informed service. With one speedy, simple visit from our trustworthy team, you'll be at ease using your fireplace again. If in need of an inspection or installation of chimney and fireplace, or you are just looking for general maintenance, then give us a call today!

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